haiku 3

blue, purple, orange

sky over the horizon

takes my breath away


out the back window

darkness spreads shadow

up the  bare tree trunks


colors of evening

water colors dripping down

the canvas of sky



by Diane E. Dockum

©April 29, 2016



The Last Time I Saw Him  

The last time I saw him
he smiled
a weak and trembling grin.
His eyes were wet and
losing their luster.

The last time I saw him
He didn’t look back
but drove off undaunted
into his own future.

I knew he wasn’t coming back.
Even then I refused
to accept it.
Even now I find it
hard to believe.

The last time I saw him
he packed up his books and
zipped closed all his bags
with a flourish of his wrist.

It was raining.
It still is inside me,
where there is
an empty place.

Excerpt From: Diane E. Dockum. “Just Beyond The Hill.”

The Next Morning

The next morning

I went shopping online

For a poem


Having forgotten my



Clicking through photos

And words


Nothing interesting

I shut my eyes

And behind my lids


There was only

Red light

And the sound of blood

In my brain

If you are quiet enough

You can hear the ocean


In your veins

All I need

Is to strike a mental match

And light

A candle in my mind



By Diane E. Dockum

©April 27, 2016




Some people bring out your inner witch

And before you know it

You have become a nasty bitch


Though you try to be calm

You let off a bomb, your adrenaline

At a high pitch


“They deserve it”,

You say, though it ruins your day

With your feelings about to unhitch


Your breath comes in pants

Because of your rants

The vein in your forehead pronounced


Away to the bathroom you go to cool off

Shut the door,

Turn the lock, and chill out


Whisper-scream in the mirror

Get a grip – let it go

And get rid of your justified furor





By Diane E. Dockum

©April 26, 2016







Spring Whine



You are 3 days into

Your sandal wearing

And you’ve just

Done your toenails

The last thing you want

To hear is that

Snow is expected

This weekend.


This weekend!

When it’s almost May

And Mother’s Day is around the corner

A cold front is coming!

Across from Canada

And it should be very wet

And cold with snow.

The temperature will drop

In the next few days.


What would you do?

Resolutely wear sandals

Or dig the boots out from

The back of your closet —

It can’t last forever, right?

It probably won’t even last a day, right?

I fleer at the forecast.

Sandals on the feet,

Socks in the purse,

Emergency back up plan.




By Diane E. Dockum

© April 25, 2016



True Night

I tip back my head as far as it goes

To see as far as my eyes can see

The stars are so many

Filling the depths

Of space

Farther than imagination stretches

To visions unseen and ages old

Still unfolding

As our planet spins

Night sky

Unpolluted by street lights

Is hard to find now

But I come from the

Country where there is true night

Where unspoiled

Stars are sharp as straight pins

And feel like

Sprinkles of ice water

On your face as you

Tip back your head

To quench your soul

By Diane E. Dockum

©April 24, 2016