She never gave me jewelry
She never gave me gold

But the treasures of her heart
Her bounty was untold

She wiped my nose and dried my tear
And painted visions wide

I always knew that she was near
And in her arms I’d hide

She never gave me things that
Gather dust upon the shelf

But, what she did was
Empty out, for me, her very self.

© Diane E. Dockum
May 18, 1991

Author’s note: This poem has never been published before, except in the program of my Grandmother’s funeral in 1991. I have been having dream after dream of her the last week or so. I thought I would share this one, since I’ve had her on my mind. April 24, 2015

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April Snow

Icy blast
April snow
Cruel truth
Cancel hope
Winter coat
Buy a scarf
Collar up
Trudge along
To the car
Blast of wind
Up the skirt
Defrost on
Blowing air
Static cling
Fuzzy hair
Spring all gone
Fist to sky
Shaking fist
Screaming “Why”!
Sick of boots
Hate the cold
Wonder when
This will end?

© Diane E. Dockum, 2015
April 23, 2015

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Thank You Note

I wanted an electric blanket.

You gave me a butter dish.

With my electric blanket
I would have snuggled
In my warm bed and slipped
Off to sleep in healing comfort
During our endless subzero winter nights

But you gave me a butter dish
And, let’s see, what will I do
With it since I already have 6 other
Butter dishes

I guess I will put butter in it.

Thanks, so much.
It’s lovely.

© Diane E. Dockum, 2015
April 22, 2015

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Shopping For Sheets

The weather was nice
The snow bank under the tree
Up the road was still there
But somehow resembled a pile of dirt
I wore my sandals even though
It was still cool
We drove north when normally
We would have driven south
I had a coupon

But not for sheets
I had a coupon
For face cream
So we found the sheets
On a high shelf and they were on sale
Thirty per cent off
Not much variety in colors
I went with bland off white
To be on the safe side

There was a dismal brown color
And a lacy one that he didn’t like
I looked at pillows, but
Wasn’t brave enough to buy one
Without first test-driving it.
After that we went to get tacos,
And stopped at the drug store,
And yes,
I did get the face cream.

©Diane E. Dockum, 2015
April 21, 2015

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Spring Is Moving Through


The wind blew
The garbage from
The next-door neighbor’s can
(That he always leaves open
Despite my annoyance)

Across the road
An old bed pillow
Randomly rests in the
Grass beside the parking lot
Soaking up the rain

Several paper plates
Are pressed up against a tree
With remnants of lasagna
Caked on and an empty pickle jar
Rolls noisily down the pavement

Pushed along with no
Apparent destination.
A pizza box sails by and
A greedy Beagle traps
A plastic bag of meat scraps
In its teeth

As he looks side to side
Making a beeline
To wherever he hides his stash
And an empty Oscar Mayer Bologna package
Spins by, skittering along the street

The wind blew
Over the potted plant on the front step
And rolled up the out door carpet on my porch
And tore the wind catcher off
The bottom of my wind chimes.

A cold front is coming through
Tossing out the warmth of yesterday
It gives and it takes
It takes and gives as
Spring is moving through

By Diane E. Dockum

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Roses After Three Days


I loved the roses.
Now the petals
curl and brown.
The aroma thickens
and grows pungent,
and still
their faded beauty recalls
the bloom
of sudden pleasure
and of new unfolding hope.
And though the water
clouds and diminishes
in the vase
it still nourishes the stems
that gently sip
at the dregs
seeking more.

by Diane E. Dockum
© 2015

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Let Darkness Fall

Evening in Potsdam ©Diane E. Dockum, 2015Let Darkness Fall

Let the sun go down
Let the shadows crawl across the lawn
As the supper dishes are washed
Let the kitchen go black

Let the bedclothes be turned back
And the teeth be cleaned
Let the quiet weave its way
Through the house, and the lamps be lit

Let the curtains be closed
As the street lights come on
And the bats fly out of the vacant house
On the corner lot four houses down

Let the bank and the post office
Sit in the dark, and the phones
Go unanswered
Let them leave a message

Let darkness fall and the Whippoorwill call
When the children are bathed
And settle the babies with stories read
Aloud from the side of the bed

Let darkness fall
Let the crows in the trees
Tuck their heads under wings
And the moon beam her pale white face

On the surface of the pond
Let the sky fade to black
And the stars appear
Let the world turn around

While your eyes are closed
Let sleep come, give in
And let dreams sort the day
Let darkness fall

©Diane E. Dockum, 2015
April 18, 2015

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